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Custom Home Builders in Hot San Antonio Market: Make Extra Money as You Build

Custom Home Builders in Hot San Antonio Market: Make Extra Money as You Build

Spring is in the air and we are now about to be in the 4th month of 2021. As our world has drastically changed over the last year, more and more people are concerned about how to entertain themselves and ensure their home has up to date technology with the time we’ve all spent indoors lately. Even though the recent pandemic has caused concern over loss of employment and an unsure future, we have seen an increase in home ownership and building new residential neighborhoods at a fast pace.

San Antonio is one market for example, that has seen a growing number of custom-built homes in high demand. The San Antonio Business Journal recently reported that, ‘the number of new home orders in the Alamo City grew 39.1%, with the average sales rate up 60.8%.’ As San Antonio has become the red-hot housing market of Texas, the city has outgrown the nation and its Texas counterparts in new home sales.

What does this mean for the home builder industry? As all types of services for the average new home are high in demand including smart home automation, custom-built decks, water softener solutions, home entertainment products and more, there is more and more pressure for custom home builders to exceed expectations and ensure the new homeowner will refer others to them based on the competitive nature of the industry itself.

New avenues will be reviewed and developed for additional revenue to be streamlined for local home communities to add to their overall budget for materials, marketing and operations. A proven method that has brought additional income to several home builders within the local area has been to develop a partnership with Builder Automated Media. We install a marketing platform using a video streaming method within the model homes to have local vendors and businesses market and advertise their services at a fraction of the cost. The targeted advertising solutions that BAM has to offer are unmatched and proven metrics are phenomenal. Home Builders get paid for showcasing these vendors and they control the content! As BAM continues to partner with more and more builder communities throughout several cities, we look forward to helping everyone involved see continued success.

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