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Have You Checked Your Website on Your Phone Lately? Why Mobile Optimization Can Make or Break Your Business

As a Marketing Professional and detail-oriented content developer, I am constantly reviewing my company’s website and any ads developed for PPC & SEO campaigns, social media platforms, various apps we have partnered with, and questioning if we can make it look better, text should be updated, pictures altered, taglines removed or added and more based on constant changes across multiple channels. How do you see your website from a client’s perspective? We are past the point in today’s society where everyone is fully aware that our mobile devices are the top tool used when conducting Google searches and reviewing any new products or services, it’s just a known fact. A consumer’s mobile user experience is what determines whether that conversion will take place.

Think about it this way, as a consumer, when you visit a website on your phone for the first time, it’s usually because you may have been targeted on social media with a call to action or you’re in the process of determining a specific service and a Google search led you here. The last thing a consumer wants to do, is wait for this website to load due a video slowing down the process that may have seemed like a good idea initially but now website visitors are dropping like flies because it takes more than 15 seconds to show up on the screen.

I’ll be the first to admit, mobile optimization is not at the top of my list when it comes to checking off the number of items to get done in order to have a working, content rich, attractive and informative website. But it should be. There are many reasons behind this. For example, when was the last time you shopped for anything on your desktop? Not many people do these days, retailers like Amazon, Instacart and Favor have made it simple to use your phone for almost any purchase. Any ecommerce retailer should agree that if they do the work, the conversion rates will increase when you ensure mobile optimization is re-visited on a regular basis. Ensuring your website content is adjusted appropriately and customized for visitors and their mobile devices increases the probability of the conversion by just under 50%. That’s a huge factor to consider.

Builder Automated Media has a multi-faceted team with a combined 50 years of media experience and having maintained a working knowledge of trending marketing technology, you need a partner you can trust who will ensure you get the results you need. We’ve seen where the only thing holding back converted leads is a lack of mobile optimization and ensuring a decent user experience. We can perform a strategic and thorough analysis of how you are marketing your business and provide recommendations that fit your needs.

We don’t believe in taking your entire marketing budget and throwing at different mass campaigns just to see what sticks. Our strategic, focused efforts will help you figure out who your ideal customer is and where you can find them. Let us help you grow your business within your community to be the community today.

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