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Real Time Location Based Targeting

Send automatically location based mobile push notifications and stay relevant with automatic messages at locations using Geofencing to reach out to customers at the right time and place. Target customers based on their location history.

Geofencing is a location-based mobile service that allows businesses to send notifications to smartphone users within a specified geographical area. It is widely utilized as a marketing tool to directly engage potential customers in the area by sending promotions and information straight to the consumer’s phone.

Personalized and targeted push messaging can boost app usage and drive mobile conversions. Take your app strategy to the next level by building targeted mobile push notifications.

Location Based Targeting

Industries Best Suited for Geofencing

Quick Serve Restaurants

Customers often make quick decisions on where to go, and delivering relevant messages whenever consumers enter your immediate area is a great way of attracting impulse buyers!


Retailers can take advantage of a nearby shopper to deliver targeted ads to shoppers when they are near your retail stores (or at your competitors’ stores). You can also draw a tight perimeter around your retail location to market special offers and promotions to in-store shoppers.

Real Eatate

Real estate is a perfect business for geofencing marketing. They can show ads or listing for anyone entering the geofenced zone. They can track property visitors and retarget them with ads for the same listing and similar listings in the area.

Industries Best Suited for Geofencing


Personal injury attorneys successfully target hospitals or auto repair shops. If you are an Estate attorney, it might work well to target destinations frequented by high net-worth individuals such as art museums or country clubs.


When it comes to healthcare, personalized advertising can be difficult because of regulations. Geofencing marketing becomes an attractive alternative because you are focusing on geographic location rather than individuals.

Auto Dealerships

Vehicle purchases are made at a physical location. Since the target audience is located within the vicinity of the auto dealership, targeting just that geolocation is ad budget well spent.

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target audience
Target Audience

Advertisers target users while they are at the location you are geofencing. Your target audience only needs location services turned on in their mobile device, tablet or laptop, in any of their apps.

restaurant geofencing
Display Ads

They can then be on their smartphone device or tablet/laptop playing on apps or browsing websites… and see your ads, which are targeted and completely relevant to them.

Realtime Analytics

Unlike offline advertising channels, geofencing provides you with realtime analytics. You will start getting data the same day the campaign has been launched.

Benefits Of Geofencing

Benefits Of Geofencing

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