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The Housing Market Today: How the Pandemic is Still Affecting A Thriving Industry

The Housing Market Today: How the Pandemic is Still Affecting A Thriving Industry

The Housing Market is booming in Texas right now, there is no doubt about that. Several news sources have reported record numbers and high demand in all major Texas Cities, including San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas. Homebuilders are seeing more and more new residents coming to Texas for a better life, better economy and overall stability.

According to an article recently published last month by the National Association of Homebuilders, strong buyer demand has helped homebuilders deal with rising lumber costs. However, while supply is in high demand, the products are not moving fast enough.

“Despite strong buyer traffic, builders continue to face challenges to add much needed housing supply to the market,” said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke. “The supply chain for residential construction is tight, particularly regarding the cost and availability of lumber, appliances, and other building materials. Though builders are seeking to keep home prices affordable in a market in need of more inventory, policymakers must find ways to increase the supply of building materials as the economy runs hot in 2021.”

Our Team at Builder Automated Media is very familiar with the high demand home builders are facing with various products including lumber, appliances and much more. As most are spending more time in their homes these days, the wear and tear of many household items is consistently a growing trend. Plus, as new residents are moving to Texas at a tremendous pace, the homebuilders we are working with can receive a portion of proceeds from the program we have developed where local businesses can advertise to the new local residents. How so? The model home TVs where consumers wait to speak with home consultants can view streaming ads that play all day. Builders can get paid to play the ads AND help out local businesses by bringing the community to the community to be the community! Everyone wins and you are ensuring a long-term relationship with lifelong residents and local businesses.

If we can help you as a competing homebuilder make some extra revenue or you can see this concept and are privy to the idea of opening up your model homes to help local businesses earn your client’s trust by simply streaming ads, get in touch with us today at 210-469-4488 or visit us at

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