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What Cutting the Cord With Cable Means for Everyone

What Cutting the Cord With Cable Means for Everyone

As we begin to get back to some normalcies from 2020 and COVID-19, we seemed to have adjusted quite well to a few aspects of staying home and understanding the necessities and luxuries that are accessible for most people. Understanding today’s technology and making changes within the home that not only make oneself comfortable but less expensive to maintain. Cable TV for example, is a service that more and more homes are opting out of over the last few years and the recent pandemic made it more apparent that Over the Top Streaming is here to stay. As the OTT industry continues to grow rapidly, there are several developments to watch out for in 2021. Prime examples include 5G internet becoming the standard and the success of OTT content publishers reflecting this trend, subscription fatigue and the encouragement of innovation in OTT Monetization, and of course, COVID-19 sparking a rapid spike in consumption. Connected TV continues to become more popular and user experience is key in paying close attention to these trends.

What does this mean for local advertisers and vendors that need to reach and market to new consumers in the area? Without cable TV running the show, it may be hard to figure out how to get in front of your ideal audience without thinking of old school tactics like event marketing, door knocking, special discounts for first time buyers and more. These options can get a bit overwhelming and still very costly. Plus, who has time to get into all the details and weeds of this stuff when you have a business to run?

Builder Automated Media has developed a digital platform that helps both local businesses and homebuilders alike thrive on the current consumer market and everyone goes home happy. Live video streaming where vendors can advertise to new homeowners that will eventually need their services is how one can take full advantage of this growing trend. Get in touch with us today to see how you can earn extra money as a homebuilder or advertise in one or more of our local model communities near you!

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