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Choose The Right Solar

01. The Challenge

Boost rankings and traffic for one of local solar companies in the Texas. Choose the Right Solar is one of the San Antonio’s leading solar companies. As you could imagine, the industry has thousands of search phrases. Then consider the multiple markets that the site needed to be optimized for and it was clear a solid strategy was required.

02. Solution

Over time we launched a series of measures to optimize the website, including heavy compliance work after the initial consultation. Focusing on localized key phrases to target solar consumers in their local area. We fully optimized all the local offices pages in order to give the site the best chance to rank for these important phrases.

As with all our clients, we made sure the site was working well behind the scenes as well. This meant regular compliance checks to ensure there were no issues with the way Google viewed the website and that we eradicated problems such as weak pages or duplicate content, which could damage ranking positions.

Such a big site has many links from various other sites of varying quality. Part of our approach is to review these links and remove any which can be deemed unnatural to avoid a Google penalty which can result in a loss of rankings.

03. Perfect Result

Our campaign resulted in the Choose the Right Solar site ranking higher for local phrases, meaning consumers looking for a local solar company could find the website more easily. As we often see, rankings and traffic go hand in hand and Choose the Right Solar ’s successful SEO campaign has seen increased visitors to the site.

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