2020 was definitely a memorable year to say the least. While we have all adjusted to new daily habits and rituals such as ordering food delivery & groceries, increased vitamin intake, extensive hygiene rituals, a new way to ‘handshake’ and keeping distance from every individual we meet, one thing remains the same. The need to get your brand in front of the right audience. Now, more than ever, homeowners are depending on what is streaming locally to what’s inside their home to tell them about ideal services and local businesses. But as we all know, media options such as television commercials, radio ads and mobile advertising can really be a thing of the past at this point, and let’s not even get into how expensive it is. If the consumer you want is not thinking about it, they sure aren’t looking for it and your marketing budget is well spent before the 1st week of the month is even a few days out. Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing provides a unique opportunity but once again, are you reaching the right audience without overspending on digital marketing efforts?

In recent years, there have been more and more people moving to the state of Texas in record numbers for many reasons. They see the economy is doing well, the cost of living is low, and all types of job opportunities are available. With that said, new homeowners do not typically know where to go for recommendations. They will depend on who they are in contact from the beginning such as homebuilders to provide these details and it is ideal to get in front of these new potential customers before they start thinking about their everyday needs.

Targeted digital marketing efforts that focus on incoming residents new to your community while increasing your overall ROI is an inexpensive and innovative option that Builder Automated Media offers. By partnering with several homebuilders, we have built a network that allows local businesses in building and expanding communities and increase the brand awareness that’s needed. Our marketing platform allows you to select the neighborhood and location that works best for you to advertise within at an extremely affordable rate, and we’ll take care of the rest! In developing and producing content-rich digital signage, our industry experts create the call to action your business needs. We also offer other media services as needed including video production, website development, PPC and geo-fencing digital solutions. This new concept of streaming media in the right time and the right place has proven to be extremely effective and well received throughout the San Antonio area. As Builder Automated Media expands into other major Texas Markets such as Dallas, Houston and Austin, we are seeing rapid growth that seems almost unreal.

Builder Automated Media is there to help you get in front of the audience you need. Building Communities for Communities. Bring The Community to Your Community to BE THE COMMUNITY!